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Project KickStart Review

Project KickStart is a project management software program developed by Experience In Software, Inc. The program is designed to provide solution for planning and managing projects for general business, consulting, government, education and more. There are two versions of Project KickStart: Pro and Standard edition. The Pro version has more feature and higher price.

It is simple to get start with new project. The program provides useful Planning Wizard that guides you through eight steps for planning your project including name, phases, goals, similar, people, obstacles, assign and tasks. Here are quick overviews of these steps:

  • Name: To start planning your project, give it a short, descriptive name.
  • Phases: Consider how your project will break down into major activities, or phases. Start by listing your phases, and then list the tasks that belong in each phase.
  • Goals: Goals are what you hope to accomplish in your project. Enter or select the goals for your project. Then you can list any new tasks to achieve each goal.
  • Similar: Projects often have tasks in common. In this step, you can borrow tasks from past projects to help you plan this project. Then you can add any new tasks from a similar project to the phases of your current project.
  • People: List the people, groups, or things that might provide resources for your project, including yourself. Then identify any new tasks these people might do or suggest for your project.
  • Obstacles: Each project has obstacles you can overcome if you anticipate them. List the obstacles you will face in your project, and then identify any new tasks needed to avoid the obstacles.
  • Assign: Assign tasks to people and other resources.
  • Tasks: Change the order of your tasks, add and delete tasks, and create subtasks. You can also edit tasks, change assignments, and add notes.

After completing all of above steps, you are now in schedule section where you can adjust your tasks as well as project schedule in Gantt chart.

The software provides five libraries that contain lists of useful phases, tasks, goals, people and obstacles where you can use by dragging and drop them into your project. All libraries, except the people library, contain sample entries that you can use in your projects. You generally build your own People Library from the resources that are available to you.

After completing your project planning, you can export to various file formats including ACT, MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, Mindjet MindManager, Milestones Professional, WBS Chart and several more.

The program runs on Windows platform including Windows Vista and XP. The trial version is available to download and try for 20 days risk free. You can download with or without signing up an account.