Punch! Interior Design Suite Review

Punch! Interior Design Suite is an interior design software program from Punch! Software, one of top home design software companies on the market today. With this package, you can renew or redo your entire home including kitchen and bath design, bedroom decorating, basement remodeling and space planning. The program provides various useful features such as Cabinet Wizard for designing your own storage with color and style; Room Wizard for layout your rooms; make moldings and baseboards with the Trim Designer; frame your outdoor view with the Window Designer; build a fireplace for your home with the Fireplace Wizard and try new style with Decorator Theme Palettes.

Here are all the tools include within the program: 3D Custom Workshop, Animator, Cabinet Wizard, Door Designer, DXF/DWG Export, DXF/DWG Import, Estimator, Fireplace Wizard, Framing Editor, Layout Manager, Material Workshop, PhotoView, PhotoView Editor, Plant Editor, Roofing Wizard, Room Wizard, Trim Wizard, Window Designer. Now let see some highlight features:

Highlight Features of Punch! Interior Design Suite

  • Interior Design: kitchen and bath design, bedroom decorating and basement remodeling.
  • Thousands of objects and materials in Library.
  • Interior Lighting and Shadow Simulation.
  • Custom Material Designer.
  • Project Cost Estimator.
  • 3D Walkthrough: you can have a virtual walkthrough to see and walk through your 3D design.
  • Video tutorials for new user to get start quickly.
  • System Requirements
  • CPU: Intel Pentium, Celeron, Xeon.
  • Platform: Windows 98 or higher.
  • RAM: 64 MB of memory.
  • Disk Space: 3.25 GB.
  • VGA: 32 MB minimum video card memory.
  • Display: 800 x 600 resolution with 16 bit color depth.
  • Other Interior Design Solution from Punch! Software

There are several other packages available for interior design solution from Punch! Software. The programs are not just designed for only interior design but providing you a complete home designing. The packages have more feature and higher prices. It is right for you if you are looking for landscaping and interior design rather than just interior. Let find out what they are:

Punch! Home and Landscape Design Professional

Among Home and Landscape Design series, this professional version is full featured software package. It is a combination of Architectural Series 3000 and Architectural Series 4000 products with new technology. This package is designed for the Serious Home Enthusiasts and Professional Home Designer.

Punch! Home and Landscape Design Suite

This package has fewer features and cheaper price than professional version, and designed for home designer with medium level of needs. The program provides all necessary tools for your home design including interior, exterior and landscaping.

Punch! Home and Landscape Design

It is a basic package among Home and Landscape Design series, with fewer feature sets. It is designed for user who has basic home design needs rather than professional home designer.

Here are several other titles from this company: Punch! Home Design Architectural Series 5000 (the largest package), Professional Home Design Platinum, and Home Design Studio Pro (home design software solution for Mac users).