Project Management Software Reviews

RationalPlan And Milestones

RationalPlan Review

RationalPlan is a project management software solution by Stand By Soft Ltd. It is a cross platform project management program which is available for three popular operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. There are two editions of RationalPlan: RationalPlan Multi Project and RationalPlan Single Project. Multi Project version is designed for users who want to keep in one hand projects with shared resources or dependencies between tasks that do not belong to the same project. And the single project edition is designed for users who have the projects that are completely independent – no shared resources, no interdependencies.

The program provides simple and easy to use interface with guide along the planning process. You can quickly navigate from one section to other including create WBS, schedule tasks, define resources (human & equipment and materials), assign resource, level resources and define additional costs for tasks. The software provides five views features including WBS View, Gantt Chart, Resource, Task Sheet and Resource Sheet.

The trial versions for all platforms are available to download and try. The trial version has all the functionality of the full version but it limits your projects to no more than 20 tasks. You can use it for an unlimited period of time.

The program is also available for educational version with discount and cheaper price which can be purchased and used only by students, educational institutions and non-profit organizations and has the same features as regular version.

Milestones Review

Milestones is a project management software program developed by KIDASA Software, Inc. The program involves various color and design features; it is right for users who are looking for graphical project management. You can create project planning and scheduling with colorful and stylish Gantt chart.

There are several versions of Milestones: Professional, Project Companion and Simplicity. The professional version is the full featured product which is designed for those who need to manage projects of all sizes and create presentation project reports.

The program runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista or later. And the trial version is available to download and try with or without registration. With trial version, users are limited to 20 file saves. You can see how the program look and find out whether it is right for your needs or not.