TurboZIP And ALZip

TurboZIP Review

TurboZIP is a file compression software which provides integrated solution to opening, creating, and managing all user’s archives. TurboZIP is a product of FileStream, Inc. It enables user to zip, unzip, encrypt archive files and much more.

TurboZIP is available for Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista and Windows 7. Trial version is available to download at this file compression software website.

TurboZIP Highlight Features:

  • User can open all major archive and e-mail formats
  • Lets user create Zip, JAR, LHA and e-mail encoding
  • Supports extraction format like: 7z (.7z), Bzip2 (.bz, .bz2), ISO image (.iso) archive formats
  • Supports extraction for Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (.chm) format
  • Supports extraction Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) format
  • Supports Microsoft Office 2007 archives
  • Comes with 64-bit Enhanced Deflated method
  • Allows user to thumbnail view of photos in archives
  • Has silent archive option
  • Has automated compress command
  • Supports 9 levels of compression ratios vs. speed
  • User can do the file spanning on HDD, Removable Drive, and CD/DVD
  • Supports unlimited file size, PKZIP 8.0, SecureZIP 8.0 and WinZip 9.0 compatible
  • Has extensive filter support to include and exclude files
  • User can display the internal subfolder structure in tree view
  • Has secure cataloging and archive management
  • Supports internal viewing of 200+ popular formats
  • Supports 128/256 Advanced Encryption Standards
  • Has transparent editing of photo and text within archive and automatically save it back
  • User can send selected files in an archive to E-mail or create a new Zip and send to E-mail
  • Has Vista style Compression Wizard and customizable interface

ALZip Review

ALZip is a cute and easy file compression software. ALZip is a product of ESTsoft Corp. It is designed for zipping and unzipping with more supporting file archives than any other file compression software programs.

ALZip is available for Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP and Vista. Trial version is available to download at this file compression software website.

ALZip Highlight Features:

  • Zip Unzip in 2 Clicks – User can simply compress files and extract files in 2 clicks.
  • Extract 36 File Archive – Supports more file archives than any other file compression program.
  • ALZip Speed Extractor – By enabling this option, user can extract files with simply double clicking the file archive.
  • Lost Password Recovery for zip File Archive – If user loses a password, they can try to get it back with Lost Password Recovery tool.
  • Drag Drop and Done – This is an easy tool to add files to file archive.
  • Self Extracting Archives – Allows user to create SFX archive so they won’t have to worry when distributing their files to others.
  • Command Line Interface – Advanced user can use command line interface for zipping and unzipping their files.
  • Zip and Email – Lets user compress files and send file archive at a time. This reduces times and clicks for zipping and unzipping.